Performance video for the song "Amenaza" by Exsimio

Performance video for the song  "Esquizofrenia" by Exsimio

Lambs By Trope, session and video for Warm Audio


Haploide By Exsimio

Performance video for the song "Trauco" by Exsimio


With Nick Carter Santiago Chile 2016

With Beto Cuevas Gibson Amphitheater August 2013 

 Drumming for the last show of the Chile tour, Valdivia Chile January 2011  

2007 Recording session @ Studio City Sound, song for documentary This War. Song composed by Mauricio Yazigi 

Playing Tabla with Exsimio Acoustic concert, Santiago, Chile 2004 

Playing with that Hi Hat

With Ready Never 2016

 With Beto Cuevas at Estadio Nacional for Teleton 2010, Chile 

                                                        2008 with Exsimio, drum solo

Drum Solo with Exsimio, Santiago, Chile 2004

                           2006 Playing Fragmentos on a live show for DUOC, Santiago, Chile  

2008 audition for Cirque Du Soleil