• ALBUM WITH ALTER EGO, entitled”Alter Ego” 1994: Drummer
  • Promotional CD for Exsimio with five live tracks (1998):Drummer
  • Exsimio “Exsimio” (1999): Drummer
  • Re-edition of “Exsimio” for sale in Europe and South America (2001): Drummer
  • Live recording for Radio Futuro and the show Hard Rock Café (2001): Drummer
  • Exsimio “Carbono 14” (2005): Drummer
  • Boston String Quartet (2008): Drummer
  • Beto Cuevas "Transformación" (2012): Drummer
  • All 4 One Live DVD (2012): Drummer


Live Shows


  • Alter Ego tour throughout Chile
  • Exsimio, Promotional Tour to Los Angeles, show at the Julie Rico Art Gallery (1999)
  • Exsimio, Concert at the Auditorio Municipal de Chihuahua, Mexico (2001)
  • Exsimio, Concert at the Universidad de Baja California (UABJ), Mexico (2001)
  • Exsimio, Concert for the 12th anniversary of Radio Futuro 88.9 FM, the most important rock radio station in Chile (2001)

·       Exsimio, European Tour, financed by the DIRAC (Ministry of outer relations of Chile). The band visited countries such as  Italy,  Belgium, Germany, Holland, France and Spain (2002)

·       Exsimio, Concert at the 1er Festival Rock al Sur del Mundo ( 1st Rock in the south of  the world festival), concert with more than 30 bands from all over the world (2002)

·       Exsimio, Concert at the 2do Festival Internacional de Vanguardia (2nd Vanguard International Festival), Teatro Municipal, Valparaiso Chile (2002)

·       Exsimio, Concert at Colectivos Akufenos with bands like CtrlZ (Chile) and  Cabezas De Cera (Mexico), performed at the Sala SCD Santiago, Chile (2002)

·       Exsimio, Concert at Ciclo Chile Musica En Vivo, transmitted live on Universidad De Chile 102.5 FM (2003)

  • Exsimio, Concert with Jorge Campos, renown  Chilean bass player at                                 Sala SCD- Santiago (2003)
  • Exsimio, Concert at the international festival: Santiago Art Rock II, Escuela Moderna     Santiago-Chile (2003)
  • Exsimio, Concert at the Marea Rock III Festival- Valdivia/Chile (2004)
  • Exsimio, Cycle of concerts “Exsimio Acustico”- Acoustic musical arrangements for the music of Exsimio next to a string quartet, trumpet, and Sax and having Fernando Jaramillo playing Tabla, Cajón  and Darbuka (2006)

·       Exsimio, Concert with to Flor de Loto (Peru). Teatro Municipal of  Macaé, Brazil (2006)

·       Beto Cuevas, Hard Rock Café Dominican Republic (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Club Nokia, Los Angeles CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Pacena Festival, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Pacena Festival, La Paz Bolivia (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, San Diego CA, (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Padres Contra El Cancer Gala, Los Angeles CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Festival Radio Pulsar, San Diego CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Ritmoson Latino, Mexico DF (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, City Of Hope Gala, The Palladium, Hollywood CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Telehit Awards, Acapulco Mexico (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Teatro Oriente, Santiago, Chile (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, World Child Project, My House, Hollywood CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, House Of Blues, Anaheim CA (2009)

·       Beto Cuevas, Club Nokia, Los Angeles CA (2010)

·       Beto Cuevas, Concert with Sting, Bogota, Colombia (2010)

·       Beto Cuevas, Staples Center, Los Angeles CA (2010)

·       Beto Cuevas, LA LIve, Los Angeles CA (2010)

Music Videos


  • Alter Ego “Cara de Maldad” (1994)
  • Alter Ego “El Corralero” (1994)
  • Exsimio “Cigoto” (1999)
  • Exsimio “Ensueño” (2002)
  • Exsimio “Esquizofrenia” (2005)
  • Exsimio “2012” (2006)
  • Beto Cuevas “ Un Minuto de Silencio” (2009)
  • BenyEd "Johnny" (2012)


Festival Invitations/Participation


·       Baja Prog V Festival of Progressive Rock in Mexicalli, Baja California.  Exsimio was invited to perform at this event, considered one of the most important progressive rock festivals in the world, February 28-March 3, 2001


·       Rota Prog Festival of Progressive Rock in Cadiz, Spain.  Exsimio chosen to perform as of the events in this cultural series, November 16, 2002


·       Crescendo Festival in Saint-palais-sur-mer, France.  Exsimio was the first South American band to be invited to this progressive rock festival, August 21-22, 2004.


·       L’usine’s PTR in Geneva Switzerland.  Exsimio was invited to perform, July 28-29, 2004


·       Concert Series hosted by Lizard/Open Mind Label in Italy.  Exsimio was asked to visit four different locations and play their second album, “Carbono 14”, from August 5-15, 2004


·       ALIVE SOUND event at the Universidad de Chile.  Exsimio was invited to perform on November 26, 2005 by the University’s Department of Music and Sound.


·       NAMM Show in Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Jaramillo was invited to perform at this show, the world’s largest music product trading show, January 18-21, 2007


His top awards and distinctions include:

  • LATIN GRAMMY, best pop/rock album with Beto Cuevas (2013)


  • FONDART Award, Government Funding for “Fase Cigoto (Post Producción Musical)” (December 2001), awarded to the band Exsimio


  • DIRAC Award, Government agency for the worldwide promotion of Chilean artistic-cultural presence granted the band $5000 to fund their European tour (April 2002) awarded to the band Exsimio


  • Best National Rock Band 2002 in the category of Avant-Garde Rock, Rockaxis Magazine Awards, (2002) awarded to the band Exsimio


  • Best Live Show 2003 in the category of Avant-garde Rock, Rockaxis Magazine Awards, (2003) awarded to the band Exsimio


  • Sponsorship of their album “Carbono 14”, given by the SCD (Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor) to Exsimio (2004)


  • FONDART Award, Chilean Government National Council of Culture and the Arts awarded the group Exsimio funding for their project “Fase Haploide” (2004)


Member of SCD, the Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor.


Endorser for Sonor Drums since 1998


Endorser for Paiste Cymbals since 2008


Endorser for Axis Pedals since 2008

Endorser for Regal Tip drum sticks since 2013