In The Studio

All Sonor drums

- 8”, 10”,12” and 13” toms

-13” and 16” floor toms

-22” and 14” Kick drums

-14x7 ½ Scandinavian birch, 14x5 ½ maple, and 12x5 steel snares.

All Paiste cymbals

-Mic list

Sm 57 x2 , AT 2020 x3, AKG P170 x2, Audix D2 x2, Audix f10 x2, Audix f12, sEX1R Ribbon mic

Audix f14, Antelope Verge Modeling Microphone, Audix f15 x2, Senheiser e902.


-Recording Hardware

Antelope Zen Studio +   with vintage FPGA-based effects, including accurately modeled EQs, compressors, guitar amps and cabinets. Able to record at 192Khz

-Recording Software 

Pro tools 12.8.3 with complete Waves bundle

-Electronic Percussion.

Nord Drum 3 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer

-Additional Percussion.

 Indian Tabla, Cajon, Shakers, Tambourine, Clave, Triangle, etc.


 The advantages of the studio:

 The drum kit is permanently set up and miked.

 Drums are sound checked already.

 I am a sound engineer, so I can record myself.

 Possibility of remote recording.





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